Red Bull Music

20 Before 17

Red Bull has been committed to fostering creativity in the music space for nearly 20 years. Through global programs such as the Red Bull Music Academy and the Red Bull Studios network, they have partnered with a huge spectrum of innovators.
At the end of each year, they look back at the defining moments through an exclusive content campaign, sending fans off with a bundle of brand-new music and more.
We were approached for this year’s edition of Red Bull's 20 Before 17, as a collaboration with digital product studio A Color Bright. Reflecting on the past months, the idea was to capture the beauty of the 20 biggest moments from Red Bull’s year in music through abstract visual representations. We developed the visual language for the campaign and created a set of 20 bespoke animations and stills for each moment. 
It doesn’t matter what exactly happened – it’s about the emotion it left you with.
20 Before 17 Landing Pages

All In One

Defining Moments of the Year

Lectures, Collaborations and Events all about Music

Mike Will Made-It

The Roland TR-808

Camo and Krooked

Culture Clash

The Roland Space Echo RE-201


Beauty of the Moment

In Action

Client — Red Bull Music
Concept — A Color Bright and CATK 
Creative Direction, Design and Production — CATK
Animation — CATK, Ronny Schmidt and Dominik Grejc
Web experience video by A Color Bright
Sound Design and Music – CATK and Ines Graf
Reel — MAIN – Communication
All In One — Sandunes – Switching Rails
Camo and Krooked — Camo & Krooked – Black Or White Feat. Tasha Baxter
Culture Clash — Doc Daneeka & Kool Clap